Senior Care Consulting

Geriatric Care

Geriatric Care Managers are independent, private pay advocates and advisers, hired by an aging client, family member, medical professional or agency to make comprehensive evaluations, provide help solving critical immediate challenges, offer forward-thinking suggestions to improve the overall quality of life, maintain dignity and independence, and offer ongoing support and guidance. Our efforts promote and can help insure the comfort, safety and general well-being of our clients.

Our goal is to provide caregivers, family members and our clients a better understanding of the aging process through ongoing education, support and advocacy.

Caring for Your Life has been providing personalized care management to seniors and their families since 2008.

The Society of Certified Senior Advisors (SCSA) educates and certifies professionals who work with seniors through its Working with Older Adults education program and the Certified Senior Advisor (CSA) credential. The CSA certification validates and gives confidence to both CSA professionals and the clients they serve. Older adults can be confident that CSA professionals are knowledgeable in the issues facing older adults and maintain the highest ethical standards.

Caring for Your Life believes that every situation is critical, personal and confidential. When you contact our office you will be directed to the Geriatric Care Manager who will speak with you about your concerns and make an appointment to investigate and conduct a comprehensive evaluation.

Caring for Your Life will strive to establish a Circle of Care for the client and keep all members of the support team informed of any concerns or changes in condition. Regular updates, in the form of phone calls, emails, texts and case notes are shared regularly so that the responsible parties can feel confident that the Care Manager is overseeing problem areas and will be offering recommendations or facilitate solutions to challenges.